Burn and Chemical Injuries

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The Anatomy of Burn Victim Lawsuit

Burn injuries can be particularly tragic due to the scarring they leave behind. Unlike internal injuries, such as broken bones, burn injuries damage several layers of tissue, including the skin. Hopefully, the victim survives the accident. Thereafter, rehabilitation, grafting and years of medical care are required to assure the victim heals as well as possible. Due to their nature, burn accidents require aggressive litigation. You need a firm with the strength and resources to pursue your matter and obtain maximum compensation on your behalf.

Due to their nature, no two burn injuries are the same. Fire accidents can occur in a variety of areas, on commercial, private and public property. Burns can occur both on the job and off the job, and may include:

  • Fire hazard injuries.
  • Chemical and toxic burns.
  • Dangerous products.
  • Hazardous conditions on land.
  • Premises liability.
  • Products liability.
  • General libaility.

Compensation for Burn Injuries

Forouzan Law will seek full compensation for your catastrophic injury. This includes pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, loss of earnings and more. We advance all costs and do not receive a fee unless we successfully recover in your case.

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