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Workplace Retaliation

California law protects employees.

Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer punishes an employee for reporting an incident, harassment, or discrimination.  The employee may be reporting an incident or string of events related to his or her own experience or the experience of a co-worker. In either scenario, employers make take adverse action against such employees to suppress such reporting. For instance, after an employer learns that you reported lewd remarks he made, he may significantly decrease your hours or even outright terminate you. Such behavior is patently illegal and you should call Forouzan Law immediately.

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According to Forbes Magazine, the following are the top 12 most common workplace retaliatory tactics:

  • Being Left Out – 64% of retaliatory victims report that they were excluded from workplace decisions and activities after reporting an incident.
  • Cold Shoulder from Co-Workers – Retaliation does not always come directly from your employer. 62% of victims reported that they were given the cold shoulder by other employees.
  • Verbal Abuse by Manager – 62% of victims reported that they were verbally abused by a supervisor or someone else in management.
  • Fear of Job Loss – Even if you are not ultimately fired, merely being given the apprehension that you may be is illegal. Specifically, 56% of victims report that they almost lost their jobs due to reporting an incident.
  • Failure to Promote – 55% of victims report that they were passed over for a raise or promotion.
  • Verbal Abuse by Co-Workers – 51% of victims report that they suffered verbal abuse at the hands of co-workers.
  • Loss of Pay – 46% of victims report that their hours or pay were cut after reporting an incident.
  • Relocation or Reassignment – You do not deserve to be relocated or reassigned because you did the right thing. A whopping 44% of victims of retaliation report that they were taken off their assignment or moved into a different office.
  • Demotion –  32% of victims of workplace retaliation indicated that they were demoted due to filing a report.
  • Online Abuse – 31% of victims indicated that they experienced online harassment from co-workers or supervisors after reporting an incident.
  • Physical Assault and Battery – 31% of victims reported that they or their property were the victims of physical abuse after reporting an incident.
  • Home Harassment – 29% of victims reported that their supervisors or co-workers would continue harassing them after work and on and around their home.
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