Deductions and Chargebacks

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Unlawful Deductions

California law protects employees.

California law provides numerous protections against unpaid wages. If you believe you may have an unpaid wage violation, these are several of the areas Forouzan Law will review for violations.

California law requires employees to be reimbursed for some job related expenses. Gas, mileage, and tools are just a few examples. Additionally, an employer may not make unlawful deductions from your paychecks. Lawful deductions include state and federal taxes. However, some employers deduct for on-the-job expenses or apply what are known as “charge backs.” 

Your employer must reimburse you for job-related expenses.  

If you believe your employer is failing to reimburse you for business expenses or taking unlawful deductions from  your paycheck, contact us immediately. 

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